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Discussion Thread: Biggest upset of 2021?

The Weekly Writ for Dec. 22

Episode #25 - The 1st Annual Over/Under Contest!

The Weekly Writ for Dec. 15

Episode #24 - Polled December night

The Weekly Writ for Dec. 8

Episode #23 - Poll-onaise in G Minority

The Weekly Writ for Dec. 1

Episode #22 - We're here for a good time (not a long time)

The Weekly Writ for Nov. 24

Episode #21 - Tearin' up my party

The Weekly Writ for Nov. 17

P.E.I. PCs score another upset byelection win

Episode #20 - Island in the Sun (byelection remix)

The Weekly Writ for Nov. 10

Liberals closed fundraising gap in last weeks of the campaign

Episode #19 - I Am The Premier

The Weekly Writ for Nov. 3

Episode #18 - In the cabinet room where it happens

Can the Greens come back from a disastrous election?

Episode #17 - Ballot of choice

The PPC: A blip or a beginning?

Bloc solidifying hold on francophone Quebec

Episode #16 - You say yes, I say no

Premiers facing COVID-19 outbreak take hit in approval ratings

NDP shows signs of progress, inability to close

Episode #15 - I want you to want me (as leader)

Conservatives still losing where they need to win

For the Liberals, a win's a win — but also a warning

Episode #14 - Exit Music (For An Election)

How the polls did in the 2021 election

How mail ballots helped the Liberals

Discussion Thread: We have a winner!

Episode #13 - It's over!

There and back again in Election 44

Watch The Writ's Election Night Special!

Bonus Episode #12.1 - It's Election Day!

Liberals end campaign as favourites, but Conservatives not out of it

Your tipping points election watch list

Week 5 Discussion Thread

Episode #12 - Qui sait, qui sait, who knows?

Midweek poll round-up: Week 5

Who is voting for the PPC — and will they cost the Conservatives a win?

Bonus Episode #11.1 - The polls ahead of the final week

The tipping points move out to the suburbs

Week 4 Discussion Thread

Episode #11 - Do you hear the People's Party?

The potential impact of tonight's English debate

Midweek poll round-up: Week 4

Where the lack of Greens will matter

Bonus Episode #10.1 - The polls after the 3rd week

Conservative tipping points move to the Greater Toronto Area

Week 3 Discussion Thread

Episode #10 - I've just seen a Face-à-Face

Why tonight's French debate matters

Midweek poll round-up: Week 3

How Erin O'Toole is carving a path to government

Bonus Episode #9.1 - The polls after the second week

Rising Atlantic tide moves tipping points east

Week 2 Discussion Thread

Episode #9 - So why not take all of Ontario

Midweek poll round-up: Week 2

By how much do the Conservatives need to be ahead to win?

Bonus Episode #8.1 - The polls after the first week

Shifts in Ontario, Atlantic move the tipping point seats

Week 1 Discussion Thread

The Bloc and the 6% Election

Episode #8 - Farewell to Nova Scotia

Midweek poll round-up

Liberal majority uncertain in Nova Scotia election

Setting the table for Election 44

What are the tipping point seats?

Episode #7 - Let's do it (let's drop the writ)

Nova Scotia Liberals still lead in final week

Update on which MPs aren't running again

The NDP and the 6% Election

"We have too much politics in Nova Scotia"

Episode #6 - Should I stay or should I go (to the polls) now?

The Q2 fundraising numbers are in!

Long Weekend Open Discussion

Pierre Poilievre has money to burn

Episode #5 - Soon may the Electionman come

The Conservatives and the 6% Election

Which parties are the best at raising money?

Yes, the Greens are in serious trouble

Episode #4 - What a difference a poll makes

Summer elections aren't great for the incumbent

Friday Open Discussion

Why Erin O'Toole's best PM numbers are a problem

Episode #3 - Go West where the skies aren't blue

The Liberals and the 6% Election

What the PPC's fundraising looks like

Episode #2 - Everybody's got the election fever

What's going on with the Conservatives in Alberta?

Nova Scotia's Liberals in majority territory ahead of impending election call

New Ipsos poll raises question: is there a mercy rule in politics?

Episode #1 - Summertime and the voting is easy

Are any departing incumbents putting their seats at risk?

The 6% Election

The Writ podcast has dropped!

Debate commissioner sets new criteria for an invite — and hey they make sense

Why I left a dream job to start The Writ