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Episode #2 - Everybody's got the election fever

Episode #2 - Everybody's got the election fever

Polls, election timing and more turmoil for the Greens on this week's episode of The Writ

This week on The Writ podcast:

In the news

  • Election speculation continues with campaign-style announcements and a new Governor General.

  • Will Nova Scotia beat the feds to the election punch?

Polls of the week

Questions and answers

  • How are the Greens’ chances looking?

  • Does the perception of leaders have an impact on party support?

  • Could the Conservatives split up, again?


  • The 1974 Canadian federal election

  • Sources: Dynasties and Interludes: Past and Present in Canadian Politics by Lawrence Leduc and Jon H. Pammett and by J.P. Kirby

If you have any questions you’d like me to answer in next week’s episode, leave a comment below, tweet me or send me an email. Thanks for listening!

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The Writ Podcast
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