Sep 24, 2021

Episode #13 - It's over!

The CBC's Aaron Wherry joins me to discuss what changes could come out of the no-change election on this week's episode of The Writ.

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Éric Grenier
Hosted by Éric Grenier, The Writ podcast explores the world of elections and politics in Canada.
Episode details

This week on The Writ podcast, Aaron Wherry, senior writer with the CBC and author of Promise and Peril: Justin Trudeau in Power, joins me to discuss the results of Monday’s election.

In the news

  • Will this have been the last election for Trudeau and what will he do with this next term in office?

  • The Conservatives and the decisions they need to make about where to go next with the party — more to the centre or back to the right.

  • Whether the New Democrats should (or can be) satisfied with their modest gains.

  • Maxime Bernier and the future of the People’s Party.

  • What the durability of the Bloc Québécois, as well as other parties, means for the future of minority governments in Canada.

  • Also: does Baden-Württemberg have a great electoral system, or the greatest electoral system?

Questions and answers

  • Did the People’s Party actually cost the Conservatives any seats?

  • What should we make of the Greens’ victory in Kitchener Centre?

  • Biggest upset of the night.


  • The 1965 Canadian federal election, which returned a parliament that looked nearly the same as the one elected in 1963.

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This week’s podcast title musical inspiration, from the inimitable Roy Orbison:

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