Conservatives raise a heap of cash; NDP leads in Calgary; and the unlucky heir to Brian Tobin.

January 2023

Jack Layton the runaway favourite in survey from Pollara
Ep. #78: Poilievre and QuebecMarie Vastel and Philippe J. Fournier join me to discuss Pierre Poilievre's prospects in Quebec.
Mixed poll signals for the Liberals; a new challenger for Andrew Furey; and the rise of Jack Layton.
Capsules on Canada's federal elections from The Weekly Writ
An exclusive poll by Pollara for The Writ gives us the answer!
Ep. #77: Manitoba's election yearIan Froese and Curtis Brown join me to chat about Manitoba politics.
Conservatives lead; Alberta MLAs leave; Ontario votes in secret for the first time.
Capsules on Ontario's provincial elections from The Weekly Writ
Nips and tucks have little electoral impact on the province's federal ridings
Ep. #76: Alberta's election yearElise von Scheel and Lisa Young join me to look ahead to the Alberta election.
Who would win if the election were held today; whether Trudeau or Poilievre (or both) should go; and a new premier is named.