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Episode #21 - Tearin' up my party

Episode #21 - Tearin' up my party

Conservatives in Ottawa and Alberta challenge their leaders, Aaron Wherry on parliament's return and more of your questions are answered, all this and more on this week's episode of The Writ.

This week on The Writ podcast:

In the news

  • Erin O’Toole faces a leadership challenge from a senator, who he boots from the Conservative caucus.

  • A threshold is reached to force an earlier vote on Jason Kenney’s leadership.

  • The governing PCs score a big win in a P.E.I. byelection.

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Interview with Aaron Wherry

  • Parliament returns on Monday as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tries to navigate another minority government (with or without the help of the NDP?) and Erin O’Toole faces questions about his leadership. To help break it all down, I’m joined again by the CBC’s Aaron Wherry. You can watch the interview on YouTube below:

Questions and answers

  • What impact could a People’s Party of Ontario have on next year’s election?

  • How would parties change municipal politics in Ontario?

  • Could Jason Kenney really consider the nuclear option of an early election?

  • Predicting Canadian politics in 2040.

  • An update from Elections Canada and when we’ll know the number of late mail ballots.

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This week’s podcast title musical inspiration courtesy of NSYNC:

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