When an election is called in Canada, a writ of election is drawn up for every constituency across the country, instructing the local returning officer to hold an election. When the election is over, the writ is returned with the name of the successful candidate.

Without the writ, there’s no election.

The Writ

The Writ is about elections in Canada, from byelections taking place in the smallest provincial ridings to national campaigns that can re-shape the course of history.

It’s written by me, Éric Grenier. I’ve been writing about electoral politics since 2008, when I launched the website ThreeHundredEight.com. I’ve written for publications like The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post Canada and The Hill Times, I’m a current member of the parliamentary press gallery and I was the CBC’s polls analyst working out of its parliamentary bureau in Ottawa from 2014 to 2021.

Over my career, I’ve covered dozens of elections across Canada. At The Writ, I’m hoping to cover dozens more.

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