Episode #17 - Ballot of choiceRanked ballots are back on the table, new polls are out and the last Father of Confederation is shown the door, all this and more on this week's episode of The Writ.
Gauging the People's Party's impact on the 2021 election
But is not showing signs of future growth potential
Episode #16 - You say yes, I say noHow the premiers are faring, a UFO sighting in Ontario and Dave Cournoyer chats about Alberta's referendum and municipal votes, all this and more on th…
New survey from the Angus Reid Institute
The NDP's voter coalition shifts as party gains in some important battlegrounds, drops in some traditional regions of support
Episode #15 - I want you to want me (as leader)Erin O'Toole passes one test, Jason Kenney is failing another and an election that ended with no opposition, this and more on The Writ Podcast.
Party failing to make the inroads needed to put it on track for government
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