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Episode #14 - Exit Music (For An Election)

Episode #14 - Exit Music (For An Election)

Annamie Paul resigns, how the polls did and the #EveryElectionProject continues on this week's episode of The Writ.

This week on The Writ podcast:

In the news

  • Annamie Paul resigns as Green Party leader.

  • The Liberals won the mail ballots — and it could have mattered a lot had the election been closer. Read more here.

  • The polls (mostly) nailed the election, again. Read more here.

Polls of the week

Questions and answers

  • What’s the value of reporting the national numbers in polls or election results?

  • What were some big misses in the polls in Canadian elections?

  • What are the odds anybody other than the Greens tries to replace their leader?


  • The 1937 Ontario election, won by the Ontario Liberals under the hard-livin’, Mackenzie King-hatin’, Maurice Duplessis-lovin’ Mitch Hepburn.

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This week’s podcast title musical inspiration courtesy of Radiohead:

Thanks for listening!

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