The Writ Podcast

Hosted by Éric Grenier, The Writ podcast explores the world of elections and politics in Canada.

Episode #45: Brown & Charest vs. PoilievreStéphanie Chouinard joins me to break down the Conservative leadership French language debate.
Ontario Election Bonus Ep. #4: What seats could flip?The seats that could change hands and how the polls have shifted since the debate.
Episode #44: Is the Ontario election on cruise control?David Coletto and Sabrina Nanji join me to discuss the latest from the Ontario election campaign.
Ontario Election Bonus Ep. #3: Did the debate change anything?David Coletto and I give our initial reactions to the Ontario leaders debate.
Episode #43: The Conservative sad trombone debateAaron Wherry and Shannon Proudfoot join me to discuss the Conservative leadership debate and the latest in the Ontario election.
Ontario Election Bonus Ep. #2: Can Ford survive a swing in the polls?The second subscribers-only episode updates you on the polls and answers some of your questions.
Episode #42: Doug Ford's election to loseDavid Coletto and Sabrina Nanji join me to discuss the opening days of the Ontario election campaign.
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