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Episode #15 - I want you to want me (as leader)

Episode #15 - I want you to want me (as leader)

Erin O'Toole passes one test, Jason Kenney is failing another and an election that ended with no opposition, this and more on The Writ Podcast.

In case you missed it already this week, I’ve started my series of post-election analyses of each party’s performance. Check them out below (subscribers only):

This week on The Writ podcast:

In the news

Polls of the week

Questions and answers

  • What do the federal results in Quebec say about next year’s provincial election?

  • What’s the new path to a majority for the Liberals or Conservatives?

  • Notable second-place finishes on election night.


  • The 1987 New Brunswick election, in which voters decided an opposition was optional.

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This week’s podcast title musical inspiration courtesy of Cheap Trick:

Thanks for listening and have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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