Plus, the non-impact of the Chinese election interference story, where things stand in Alberta and Manitoba and much more.
Deep dive into the federal polling landscape; candidate slates in PEI; most incumbents favoured if an election were held today.
The troubled Liberal brand; PEI PCs approaching sweep territory; Canadians unhappy with King Charles.
China's interference; a PEI election; and lots of poll numbers.
Status quo in new federal polls; a contender drops out of the OLP race; the 1898 'swing of victory'.

February 2023

On Chinese interference in the 2021 federal election; ignoring the noise in polls; and Brian Tobin's whirlwind election.
What's next for Toronto; UCP solidifies its base; and a first for Nunavut.
Alarm bells, or false alarms, ring for Liberals; more byelections incoming; and a close race for a bad job.
Conservatives raise a heap of cash; NDP leads in Calgary; and the unlucky heir to Brian Tobin.

January 2023

Mixed poll signals for the Liberals; a new challenger for Andrew Furey; and the rise of Jack Layton.
Conservatives lead; Alberta MLAs leave; Ontario votes in secret for the first time.
Who would win if the election were held today; whether Trudeau or Poilievre (or both) should go; and a new premier is named.