Discussion Thread: We have a winner!What was your biggest surprise of the election? Plus, the award for closest prediction goes to...
Episode #13 - It's over!The CBC's Aaron Wherry joins me to discuss what changes could come out of the no-change election on this week's episode of The Writ.
On the surface, very little changed last night — but that doesn't things won't change
Join me and some friends as we go over the results live
Bonus Episode #12.1 - It's Election Day!Listen now (18 min) | Subscriber-exclusive episode on where the polls landed at the end of this campaign
Despite the close race in the polls, the Liberals still have the seat edge
Maybe we will have to wait for British Columbia after all
Week 5 Discussion ThreadPredict the outcome and win a prize!
Episode #12 - Qui sait, qui sait, who knows?Philippe J. Fournier of 338Canada is back to go over the electoral map with me on this week's episode of The Writ.
The race is close, the battlegrounds muddy
The People's Party is on the rise, but it's unclear what its impact will be
Bonus Episode #11.1 - The polls ahead of the final weekListen now (17 min) | Subscriber-exclusive episode to set you up for the fifth and final week of the campaign