Plus, the non-impact of the Chinese election interference story, where things stand in Alberta and Manitoba and much more.
Capsules on PEI's elections from The Weekly Writ
New boundaries impact the Liberals, Bloc and NDP in and around Montreal
Ep. #86: Biden, Canada and the 2024 electionAlex Panetta on U.S.-Canada relations and the next presidential election
Deep dive into the federal polling landscape; candidate slates in PEI; most incumbents favoured if an election were held today.
Capsules on Alberta's elections from The Weekly Writ
Ep. #85: China, Alberta, PEI, and the odds of a spring electionPhilippe J. Fournier joins me to chat about the polls from coast to coast.
The troubled Liberal brand; PEI PCs approaching sweep territory; Canadians unhappy with King Charles.
Capsules on Nova Scotia's elections from The Weekly Writ
Outside of Greater Montreal, a few races get tighter and one seat flips
Ep. #84: PEI goes to the pollsTeresa Wright and Stuart Neatby chat about the launch of PEI's election campaign.
China's interference; a PEI election; and lots of poll numbers.