Episode #45: Brown & Charest vs. PoilievreStéphanie Chouinard joins me to break down the Conservative leadership French language debate.
Next steps for Jason Kenney and the UCP, poll on Franco-Ontarians and two new byelections on the horizon!
Parry Sound–Muskoka is the Greens' best chance at doubling their caucus
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Discussion Thread: Jason Kenney's out. What now?What do you make of Jason Kenney's downfall?
Pierre Poilievre still leads the Index, Steven Del Duca might not be breaking through and what's next for Jason Kenney.
Ontario Election Bonus Ep. #3: Did the debate change anything?David Coletto and I give our initial reactions to the Ontario leaders debate.
Steven Del Duca and Andrea Horwath need tonight's debate to shake up the campaign
Episode #43: The Conservative sad trombone debateAaron Wherry and Shannon Proudfoot join me to discuss the Conservative leadership debate and the latest in the Ontario election.
The Conservative debate, Canadians' views on Ukraine and is Steven Del Duca breaking through?
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