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Episode #34 - Poilievre gets some competition

Episode #34 - Poilievre gets some competition

Tim Powers and Chad Rogers are back to chat about the Conservative leadership race.

A lot can change in two weeks in politics.

The rules of the Conservative leadership race are now set and the contours of the contest are starting to come into focus as a number of candidates throw their hats into the ring.

There will be no coronation for Pierre Poilievre, as Leslyn Lewis and Jean Charest (along with Roman Baber) declare their candidacies and Patrick Brown might not be far behind. While some other names could be included in the mix, Poilievre, Lewis, Charest and Brown could be your potential Top Four.

With so much to discuss I had to bring Tim and Chad back right away.

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Chad Rogers is a founding partner at Crestview Strategy and Tim Powers is chairman of Summa Strategies.

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And if you missed it, earlier this week I posted an explainer video on the rules and dynamics of the Conservative leadership race. Check it out below:

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