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Ep. #76: Alberta's election year

Ep. #76: Alberta's election year

Elise von Scheel and Lisa Young join me to look ahead to the Alberta election.

Barring an addition to 2023’s electoral calendar, the big political contest of this year will be Alberta’s provincial election.

The polls are suggesting the race will be tight between Danielle Smith’s United Conservatives and Rachel Notley’s New Democrats — perhaps as tight as any election in Alberta in 30 years.

Back on The Writ Podcast to set us up for the showdown is Elise von Scheel, the CBC’s provincial affairs reporter in Calgary. Also joining the show is

, professor of political science at the University of Calgary. She is a frequent commentator on Alberta politics, a co-investigator on the Viewpoint Alberta survey and you should check out her newsletter, What Now?!?

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