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Episode #54: Pierre Poilievre breaks the bank and Elizabeth May wants back in

Episode #54: Pierre Poilievre breaks the bank and Elizabeth May wants back in

Aaron Wherry joins me to discuss the latest in two federal leadership contests

It’s a tale of two leadership races.

The Conservatives look likely to settle on Pierre Poilievre as their next leader based on newly-published fundraising figures. While he’s been around the party for his entire adult life, he will nevertheless take the Conservatives in a new direction — and apparently fill the party coffers in the process.

The Greens, on the other hand, might just head in reverse. After resigning as leader of the party in 2019, Elizabeth May is considering a return to the party’s top job as it searches for a replacement for Annamie Paul. But is Elizabeth May what the Greens, who are stagnant in the polls and struggling to raise money, really need to take them forward?

Joining me on The Writ Podcast this week to discuss these two leadership races is the CBC’s Aaron Wherry.

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