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Great discussion as always. What I didn't hear was thoughts surrounding a conservative constructive climate change policy. The impact of Climate Change (CC) will grow every month. Three years is a long time in CC reality. Pierre Poilievre is essentially, along with his supporters is a CC denier. CC will be extremely obvious to voters in 2025.

In the next go-round in discussing the conservative race, have a question on that. Also the face of Canada is changing. First Nations and people from immigrant backgrounds are making a new electoral face. Poilievre seems to attract the disgruntled. As with reform, social credit and others, they flash and fade. Disgruntled base members soon fade out especially when the CPC has to face the reality of a modern Canada with strong non-white populace and more educated voters.

I work at dismantelling racism as a retired white Anglican Priest. Racism dies hard but it dies. Poilievre is racist and we won't forget!

Patrick Brown is a healthier choice for the CPC and Canada.

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