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Ep. #62: A last look at the Quebec election

Ep. #62: A last look at the Quebec election

Philippe J. Fournier joins me to discuss Monday's vote in Quebec

François Legault and the Coalition Avenir Québec started the 2022 Quebec election campaign with a big lead in the polls.

And that’s where they are ending it — despite themselves.

But while another CAQ majority looks very likely, the campaign hasn’t answered perhaps the biggest question we had when it began — are Quebec’s politics in the midst of a re-alignment as the Conservatives and Québec Solidaire rise and the Liberals and the Parti Québécois fade away?

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To discuss what each of the parties can expect on Monday night, I’m joined again by Philippe J. Fournier of on The Writ Podcast.

On Monday night, you can catch me on CBC Radio One in Quebec and online. I’ll be analyzing the results as they come in. The show starts at 7:30 PM ET and I hope you’ll tune in!

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