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Ep. #68: Is Ford's labour honeymoon over?

Ep. #68: Is Ford's labour honeymoon over?

Sabrina Nanji and Larry Savage on what brought Doug Ford back to the negotiating table.

Labour tensions have been high in Ontario, after Doug Ford’s government brought in a bill that imposed a contract on education workers and banned them from going on strike, invoking the notwithstanding clause in the process. That didn’t prevent schools in much of the province from shutting down for two days and Ford subsequently backed down, promised to repeal the legislation and is back at the negotiating table.

This comes only a few months since the Ontario PCs made inroads among working class voters in the June provincial election. Have those bridges with labour been burnt?

To discuss the latest news from Queen’s Park, as well as what is going on with the Ontario Liberal and NDP leadership races, I’m joined today by

of and Larry Savage, professor in the department of Labour Studies at Brock University.

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