Dec 9, 2022 • 42M

Ep. #72: Pierre Poilievre's First 90 Days

Tim Powers and Chad Rogers are back to assess how things are going for the new Conservative leader.

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Éric Grenier
Hosted by Éric Grenier, The Writ podcast explores the world of elections and politics in Canada.
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It’s been three months since Pierre Poilievre won the Conservative leadership race and took over as leader of the official opposition. So, it’s about time to see how he’s doing so far.

To help me do that on this week’s episode of The Writ Podcast, I’m joined again by Tim Powers of Summa Strategies and Chad Rogers of Crestview Strategy.

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And, to guide our performance evaluation of the new Conservative leader, we’re going to rely on the bestselling business book, The First 90 Days, by Michael D. Watkins.

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