Feb 3 • 31M

Ep. #79: Who was Canada's greatest prime minister?

Dan Arnold and Stephen Azzi join me to discuss the results of a poll on who Canadians think were our greatest leaders.

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Éric Grenier
Hosted by Éric Grenier, The Writ podcast explores the world of elections and politics in Canada.
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The results are in — and they’re surprising.

Polling conducted by Pollara and covered at The Writ over the last two weeks showed who Canadians think was the greatest prime minister and opposition leader in our history. But the results didn’t line up with the usual rankings made by historians and political scientists. What does that say about how Canadians remember their own history?

I’m joined this week on The Writ Podcast by Dan Arnold, chief strategy officer at Pollara, and Stephen Azzi, professor at the Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management at Carleton University.

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