So about my first MP / MPP. Well I was born in India but I came here when I was 11 months old.

At that time we moved to what is now University-Rosedale but at that time was part of Trinity-Spadina. My first MP was therefore LPC Tony Ianno. At that time he was a backbencher but later went on to become Parliamentary Secretary and much later became Minister of State (Families and Caregivers). By that time though we had left the riding.

When we first moved, Ontario had not yet harmonized provincial and federal ridings so my provincial riding was St. Andrew-St. Patrick (now of course University-Rosedale) and my first MPP was PCPO Isabel Bassett who was then the Minister of Citizenship, Culture, and Recreation.

Here is a follow up question for you and everyone - which ridings have you lived in. Federally I have lived in (in order):

- Trinity-Spadina (now would be in University-Rosedale)

- Don Valley East (now would be in Don Valley North)

- Oak Ridges-Markham (now would be in Markham-Unionville)

- Markham-Unionville

(with two stints in University-Rosedale while at school)

- Humber River-Black Creek

- Markham-Unionville

- Québec (current location)

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Here's my list:

- Gaspé (now Gaspésie–Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine)

- Jonquière

- Glengarry–Prescott–Russell

- Kingston and the Islands

- Hull–Aylmer

– Nepean–Carleton (now Carleton)

- Ottawa Centre

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Just got a chance to listen to the podcast and decided to check out who my MNA was when I was a baby. I ended up learning something. I was born in the riding of Jacques-Cartier and my MNA when I was a baby was Neil Cameron of the Equality Party. I did not know that party existed let alone won seats (although they were a one-election wonder). The riding was subsequently won by the Liberals and they've held it ever since, Geoffrey Kelley for 22 years and then his son Greg Kelley won it in 2018.

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That's a good bit of trivia! The Equality Party stands as a bit of a warning to the Quebec Liberals of what could happen if they take Quebec anglophones for granted.

The oddest thing about the Equality Party is that one of their MNAs eventually crossed the floor — to the Parti Québécois!

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