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Episode #51: Quebec election preview

Episode #51: Quebec election preview

Philippe J. Fournier of 338Canada chats about the state of the upcoming race

In less than two months, Quebec’s election campaign will officially be underway. While the polls suggest that François Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec is on track for a big majority victory, there are still some big questions that have to be answered when voters cast their ballots on October 3.

First among these is whether or not the CAQ can cruise to a win. Does the party have any vulnerabilities that could trip it up between now and election day?

Can the Quebec Conservatives finally make a breakthrough after surging in the polls? What’s next for Québec Solidaire, and what will the results say about the future of both the Quebec Liberals and the Parti Québécois?

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To break down the state of the race, this week on The Writ Podcast I’m joined by Philippe J. Fournier of You can also check out Philippe’s work at Politico and L’actualité.

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