Eric. A couple of comments from your interview on The Big Story Podcast.

When the whole redistribution process started, I seem to remember Quebec was going to lose a seat, and that created some controversy in the Province. In the podcast you state that there are 5 new seats, but no province was losing any----what happened there? Also the spring of 2024 could well see HoC shenanigans between the Liberals and the NDP with the two of them thinking an election BEFORE the Tories gain 3 Alberta seats and a couple of other winnable seats in BC and Ontario. Would that be seen as too shamelessly opportunistic?

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That's right, Quebec was going to lose a seat so the House passed an amendment to the formula that said no province could lose seats going forward.

As to your second question, it's possible that could be a minor factor arguing in favour of an election before April 2024, but an extra 3-5 Conservative seats is the equivalent of a half-point bump in the polls. I think it would be low on the list of considerations.

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