I very much like the format of this new election prediction. I found that the broad ranges in other reports are unhelpful, even if an accurate reflection of the data. You have qualified your opinion, and the result is helpful for me to visualize. I wonder whether running a few dozen 'Monte Carlo' simulations and taking the average might be a worthwhile comparison? Maybe reject the outliers and keep within a standard deviation (or two)?

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Eric, if you think that the ON Liberals would be in error to go with a one-member-one-vote model for leadership elections, now might be a good time to send them your proposal. Strike while the iron is hot.

I enjoyed "If the Election Were Held Today," mostly because it played into my fantasy of having minority governments at the federal level forever. I'd love to see that "chaotic" HoC come to be. It would be like having proportional representation. Eventually, our representatives would have to learn how to cooperate and play nicely together. It would be great.

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I like the election prediction format. It gives a snapshot of the parties in each jurisdiction. Those of us who are not immersed in this every day can lose track of what is going on in each place. We also may not see how things are evolving.

I think it could be improved by including a comparison with the present standings - as it appears you intend to include. I also would like to see some visual representation of how these standings are changing over time.

Thank you for asking and Happy New Year.

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