Interesting NB numbers. Liberal minority supported by the Greens? Or maybe they just follow the new ON example and merge ;)

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It would be interesting to see figures for unique donors alongside fundraising figures. Are those numbers available?

I agree that the wooing of Mike Schreiner is bizarre. The #EveryElectionProject entry for this week reads like a cautionary tale for Schreiner. (Was that your intention, Eric?) After all, what if he gives up his position as Green leader to run for the Liberal leadership, and loses? Where is he then, and where is are the ON Greens?

Here is the open letter, if anyone's interested: https://www.draftmike.ca/open-letter

I'm confused by the seat projection for Quebec (and I was last week too). The CAQ gains 3 seats, while the other parties collectively lose only 2. Where's that other seat coming from?

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As always, excellent dispatch. I'm sure the voice over is extra work but I do often listen so appreciate it when you can do that. Carmen

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