Really appreciate the deep dive into the race. I wonder if more Canadians would participate in party leadership contests if they were covered like this more in the press....seems like a chicken and the egg kind of problem.

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Just curious, any word yet on why 3 candidates who met the fundraising and signature requirements were rejected by the CPC selection committee? My suspicion was they wanted to keep the final group smaller rather than larger. But do the CPC rules allow for that kind of thing? Seems contentious, in that I would think candidates and donors would be pissed. And what happens to the money?

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Generally agree with your index. However, I would suggest that Baber is above Aitchison as of right now and that Poilievre's lead over Charest is greater than 20.9%.

Do you factor # of contributions into the fundraising index?

As of right now, I find it hard to see a scenario where Poilievre does not win on the first ballot... 2nd Quarter Fundraising numbers will help bring more certainty.

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