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Ep. #105: Will the Sask. Party pass its byelection tests?

Ep. #105: Will the Sask. Party pass its byelection tests?

Adam Hunter joins me to setup a trip of key byelections in Saskatchewan.

On Thursday, three byelections will answer two questions in Saskatchewan politics:

  1. Are cracks in the conservative coalition that makes up the governing Saskatchewan Party starting to form?

  2. Will the Saskatchewan New Democrats show any signs that they can win the kind of seats they need if they are to ever return to power?

To help set up the three provincial byelections in Regina Walsh Acres, Regina Coronation Park and Lumsden-Morse, I’m joined this week by Adam Hunter, the CBC’s provincial affairs reporter in Saskatchewan.

LIVESTREAM: Join me and Philippe J. Fournier for a livestream of these Saskatchewan byelection results on August 10, 8 PM CT / 10 PM ET. You’ll find the livestream here.

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