Not surprising, but pretty sad!

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I mean I don't expect people to name the entire cabinet but this is tragic and honestly shocking. I know people are not always the most informed but figured they need to at least be able to identify Freeland and Poilievre (though spelling I admit is hard; heck I spelled his name initially with 2 ls when writing this comment)

Honestly want to know now how many cannot name the PM or the Premier of their own province.

Don't expect people to know this but I wonder how many premiers in general people can name. Top of my head I can name François Legault (QC - my current province), Doug Ford (ON - province where I grew up), Heather Stefanson (MB), Danielle Smith (AB), David Epy (I think) (BC), Tim Houston (NS), Scott Moe (SK), and something Furey (NL).

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